Becky Smith is an English Sculptor, based in Quebec, Canada.


Her work is often whimsical, with a slight surreal and comical twist. 

Every Sculpture she creates has it's own personality and back story and is truly unique.

Each character is intricately sculpted in resin and handpainted.

For more details regarding a specific piece, please contact her directly. 


Becky also offers a bespoke service has been comissioned to produce work in clay, to be cast in bronze and also in the 3D design of characters, to be fabricated into puppets. She has also worked with talented illustrators, to help realise their characters in 3D.

The scale of her work is varied, and ranges from 5inches to full scale, depending on the needs of the client.

Please contact directly and she will be happy to discuss your project.


You can contact Becky at:, Tel: 581-985-1733 or follow her on Facebook